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We Offer Quality PVC Decking

Our decking is second to none in terms of long lasting overall performance. The deck boards we use are 225mm in width in comparison to most other products that are 125mm in width.

This aspect alongside the fitted galvanized steel sub-frame ensures that maximum durability is achieved for our customers whilst their dream decking is as aesthetically pleasing miles down the road as it was once it was first set up.

The deck board also has a middle bevel to dispel heavy rain off its surface quickly.

 Every decking we build comes with a wide range of balustrades to chose from. We are flexible while working with the needs of the customer to ensure their dream decking is achieved no matter what property type is in question – holiday home, mobile home, home or garden. We’ve done numerous jobs decking Dublin, decking Wicklow and surrounding areas.

Our Decking’s are Engineered with a galvanized steel base to give a superior life expectancy toward timber based construction, as people tend to forget that the base is as equally as important as the deck itself as it also consumes as much material as the top decking but gives it strength for many years to come.

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Reliable & Durable Decking

Over the past two years we have fitted our product with absolute confidence in customer satisfaction. Having a business is good but staying in business is best, Hail, Rain, Sun or storm you can be confident our product will endure.

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